Client Download

Return to Britannia Ultima Online 17 Years

Whether these are your first steps into Britannia or you are a seasoned veteran, King Blackthorn is delighted to welcome you!

Return to Britannia and play Ultima Online free from October 1, 2014 through October 31, 2014. 

Download UO

If you don't have a subscription to Ultima Online you can try it for free here.

When downloading the file, save to a folder you will remember. We recommend saving the file to the desktop for easy reference.

Install UO
Note: Before installing Ultime Online, we recommend running a thorough scan disk and disk defragment of your hard drive.

Once the file has downloaded completely, double click the icon to start the installation process.

The Classic Client will immediately start the installer. Follow the prompts for installation.

Vista Users:

  • Right click on the installer
  • Choose "Properties"
  • Click on the "Compatibility Tab"
  • Run in compatibility mode for Win XP Service Pack 2
  • Run as Adminstrator
  • Apply then click OK
  • Run the installer
If you are having trouble installing the client, please check our Frequently asked Questions here.

Note: Experienced users may follow the onscreen instructions after this point. For detailed instructions, keep reading.
  • Select Typical User - Default Directory to install to C:Program FilesEA GAMESUltima OnlineUO Gold. (Ultime Online will not allow you to install to an existing Ultima Online directory.)
  • To install to a different directory, select Advanced User and type a drive and directory name in the text box below.
  • Click Next to continue.
  • Ultime Online requires DirectX version 8.1 or higher. To check your version number, run DXSETUP.EXE or DXDIAG.EXE.