Animal Taming is one of the most flexible systems in the game, whether it’s a pet dog, a horse to ride into battle, a pack llama for shifting those heavy logs, or a fire breathing dragon slaying down monsters in your path.

What Is A Pet?

A pet is described as any ‘follower’ your character has. Each character can have up to five followers.
These in game prompts display your current number off ollowers.
Pets can range from taking up 1 follower slot, to 5 follower slots.

Where Can I Get A Pet?

Animal Tamers in cities can sell you a selection of basic pets, just find the stables! Don’t forget to bring some gold.
Pets not found from the stables exist as wild animals around the lands. This is where the skill of Animal Taming comes into play. When you find a wild animal, with the right level of skill in Animal Taming you can attempt to tame the animal and make it your pet.
You’ll find pets everywhere, from the dogs, cats and birds in cities (and sometimes mongbats!) to the forests, deserts and dungeons.

Animal Taming Training

So you’re fed up walking around with a bought cat, fair enough. Animal Taming is a simple skill to train, but it isn’t quick. By taming a pet that is right for your skill level you have a chance at gaining a skill point, once you tame the pet, release it and find another! Rinse and repeat and you’ll be a grand master tamer.

Pet Commands
Once you have bought or tamed your pet, it will respond to various commands by you speaking them out loud or by left-clicking on the pet once.

List of Commands:
[Pet Name] Come: Pet will wander to you
[Pet Name] Follow: Pet will follow who you target
[Pet Name] Follow Me: Pet will follow you
[Pet Name] Guard Me: Pet will guard you, and attack any threat automatically
[Pet Name] Kill: Pet will attack who you target
[Pet Name] Stay: Pet will stay still
[Pet Name] Stop: Cancels any previous follow, guard or attack commands
There are a couple more useful commands to know when controlling more than one pet:
All Follow Me: All pets will follow you
All Guard Me: All pets will guard you
All Kill: All pets will attack who you target
All Stay: All pets will stay still

Looking After Your Pet

So you’ve tamed yourself a wonderful pet, best look after it! All pets need feed and can be healed if in battle. With the correct food simply drag and drop onto the pet and it will consume the food.
Healing your pet is also simple, if you are skilled in Veterinary double click some clean bandages then target your pet. Or cast a healing spell directly onto your pet.

Useful / Popular Pets

As you wander the lands of Britannia it is almost certain you will see the following pets.

The Horse

Simply put, running on foot takes a while! Why not splash out on a horse and you’ll be getting around in no time. These come in a variety of colours and only take up one control slot. Make sure you keep them fed though! They enjoy a good red apple.

The Pack Horse / Llama

Both of these creatures carry up to 1600 stones and 125 items and are a lumberjacks best  friend, You cannot ride these however they only take up one control slot so you can have up to five!
The Blue Beetle

The blue beetle is identical to the pack horse and llamas but with a clear advantage, you can also ride the beetle even when full of load! They have the same 1600 stones / 125 items limit but take up three control slots.
The Cu Sidhe

Popular with tamers, the Cu Sidhe is a self-healing dog! Yes really. They take up four control slots and are tamable by only elves. They make great attack dogs with easy to medium difficulty monsters and are ridable by elves, Humans can ride them with the correct footwear. They come in a wide range of colours with blaze and white the rarest.
The Battle Chicken

Bored simply riding your pet? Or taking it off hunting? Why not get a battle chicken egg from Ter Mur and watch it grow into a killer! A killer of other battle chickens I mean. Chicken battles are popular with players as bets are thrown into the ring whilst two chickens peck for their lives. These take up one control slot and can be found in many colours.
The Greater Dragon

Simply put, the Greater Dragon is a tamers best friend. Don’t be expecting to get one easily though! You must be one of the very best tamers, these take up five control slots and come in red or grey. The ultimate battle pet, these will take down most monsters with good handling and training.

That brings us to the final part, Training! All pets can be trained, from a cat to a greater dragon. For pets like battle chickens, they are best trained against another of its kind. Greater Dragons and other pets with high control slots. Well, you best go out and hunt! They’ll soon learn the ropes and become a proper killing machine.