Treasure Hunting

While it is safe to say that the greatest riches in Sosaria tend to be found in dark dungeons and other dangerous locales, sometimes a fortune can be found just underneath your feet. Treasure Hunting in Ultima Online is a relatively simple affair – find a map, read the map, find the treasure, and dig it up! Voila! Rare loot! Oh, just mind the monsters that guard each and every treasure chest – they may not want to part with contents of the chest without some convincing…

Requirements for Treasure Hunting

            A Treasure Map. There are seven different levels of treasure map, with the easiest being the level one, “Plainly Drawn” map, and the hardest being the level seven “Diabolically Drawn” map. Maps can be found by defeating monsters that carry them. The harder the monster, the higher the level of map they may carry. Additionally, each Treasure Chest has a chance of containing another map inside it. Maps must be decoded by a Cartographer with sufficient skill in order to be used. The Treasure Chest can only be dug up by the person holding the map.

            A Shovel. For digging, of course. In order to dig up a chest, you must first select the shovel for use, target the map, and then target the area you wish to dig.

            Cartography Skill. Before a map can be used to locate a Treasure Chest, it first must be decoded by someone with the Cartography skill. The higher the level of the map, the more skill that is required to decode it.  Additionally, Cartography is required to actually dig up the chest. In other words, while one person may decode the map for another to use to dig up the chest, the digger must ALSO have the sufficient level of Cartography.

            Lockpicking Skill. Once you have located a chest and dug it up, you will still need to open it! A skilled lockpicker will be able to open higher level chests, and break less lockpicks in the process.

A level one treasure map waiting to be decoded. Notice the lockpicks and shovel – essential supplies.

Additional Helpful Tools

            Mining Skill. While it is not required to dig up a chest, having some experience in Mining will help make things go quicker. Without any skill in Mining, the digger must be in the exact spot the chest is located. With higher levels of ability they can be a number of steps away from the actual location of the chest.

            Remove Trap Skill. Each Treasure Chest has a series of traps attached to it. These traps may seriously hurt, or even kill, the person who triggers them. The Remove Trap skill will remove these traps.

          Friends. While some Treasure Hunters hunt “solo” (and wear it as a badge of honor), doing so can be extremely difficult. Not only are chests trapped, but opening them can trigger the appearance of many “guardians” who will do their best to make sure you don’t live to enjoy the spoils of your efforts. It is advisable to have “backup” with you when you dig up the chest. Besides serving a practical purpose, forming a group to tackle difficult treasure hunts is a time-honored tradition in Ultima Online, with many shards having groups that organize such outings and even an EM-led competition that pits the best treasure hunting teams against one another!

A chest has been found! Look closely through the trees and you can see some of the guardians who have arrived to attack our intrepid treasure hunter! The map displayed is a decoded Treasure Map for this chest – make use of the radar to assist in finding the chest.