Publish 86.1 - Halloween Part 1

Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Oct 01 15:48 -0400 GMT

The following has been published when all shards during their regular maintenance cycles:

  • The Butchers are back! Visit graveyards throughout Britannia and slay the Butchers to have a chance at a Pumpkin Carving Kit.

  • Carveable pumpkins can be harvested in fields across Britannia. Watch out for the Grimms as you try to harvest a pumpkin!

Bug Fixes

2014 Oct 01 15:48 GMT



2014 Sep 30 17:51 GMT

Return to Britannia Campaign Starts Wednesday!!

Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Sep 29 14:20 -0400 GMT
2014 Sep 29 14:20 GMT

Remembering the Past...

Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Sep 26 17:20 -0400 GMT

Author:  EM Drosselmeyer

Heckles poured the wine into two glasses, and handed one to each of the Kings. Lord British smiled to the jester while King Blackthorn gave him a nod, and the two returned to their conversation. “I must say, it is a surprise to find you have returned without Nystul's aid. Where have you been for so long? Why has your return been delayed?”

Lord British took a sip and set the glass down, steepling his fingers slightly before speaking. “I have...admittedly been caught up of late with new adventures. I have traveled to the stars...leaving behind the trappings of earth for a time and feeling what it is like to truly be free of all constraints. And though she could not come with me, I have also found love...and found a bond that can never be broken. Looking back, I realize that all of my ponderings and thoughts and musings upon the natures of the Virtues have come back to me in such a profound new manner at having experienced such a wondrous thing first hand...especially after being able to bring new life into existence. Through it all, I have had the shards of the gem...but they are safely with Nystul, for now. I found that a return to Britannia was in order...and it seems that the realm has it's share of troubles. Was that Sir Dupre I spied leaving as I crossed the upper walkways?”

2014 Sep 26 17:20 GMT

Legends Maintenance at 1 pm today

Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Sep 26 16:11 -0400 GMT
Good afternoon,

   We have to do an emergency maintenance on Legends at 1pm ET today.  The shard will be down for approx. an hour.   We are sorry for the inconvience.

UO Team
2014 Sep 26 16:11 GMT

Publish 86 Notes

Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Sep 25 17:36 -0400 GMT

Greetings Everyone,

We would like to let everyone know that “Return to Britannia” will be turned on next week, we apologize for the delay, however due to a delay in our marketing mailers we have had to delay the start of the Return to Britannia promotion.

During “Return to Britannia” we will be setting up some Guild Recruiting Stations. For any guilds that wish to participate in welcoming new and returning players to the game please visit New Haven and Luna during Return to Britannia.

We would also like to announce the release of the MyUO on our website. During this initial beta phase of its release you will be able to do simple character and guild searches. In the next phase we will be adding paperdoll art and addressing any bugs found during the beta release. You can try it out at

This morning we are also putting out a mandatory client patch for an art update. You will need to patch to log in to the game.

Finally, don’t forget tonight is our big event on TC1 starting at 7pm ET! Character copy over and come visit with Richard “Lord British” Garriot and Starr “King Blackthorn” Long as they help us celebrate 17 years of Ultima Online.

We want to wish everyone a Happy UO Anniversary and thank you all for the continued support over these past 17 years.

-UO Team


2014 Sep 25 17:36 GMT

The Advisors are coming!!!

Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Sep 23 18:16 -0400 GMT

Greetings Everyone,

I would like to introduce to you our new addition to the game, Advisors! You will be able to identify these players on your shards when you see them because they will be dressed like this:


If an Advisor is logged in you will be able to open your paperdoll and click on the help button, at the top you should see Contact an Advisor, click on this and write up the issue you wish the Advisor to help you with. Please keep in mind Advisors are NOT GM’s they do not have the powers to help you like a GM does. Advisors can move monsters that spawn out of reach, move corpses that die in out of reach locations, help new and returning players with information about the game that they don’t know or might have forgotten, and direct players to information sites that might be helpful. If an Advisor gets a call that she/he can’t handle they will forward it to a GM to keep the player from having to place two pages.

So please join us and welcome this team of players we have given the title of Advisor, make sure you speak to them when you see them on your shard and please be kind to them.

Thank you everyone for all your help with Publish 86 which will start hitting all the shards tomorrow during normal maintenance cycles.

UO Team!!

2014 Sep 23 18:16 GMT

Publish 86 to Origin and Izumo

Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Sep 22 18:32 -0400 GMT

We are publishing Publish 86 to Origin and Izumo today.  We have already given a 30 minute server shut down warning.  Below are the additional changes we have made since we published TC1.

2014 Sep 22 18:32 GMT

TC1 Patch Notes

Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Sep 19 21:42 -0400 GMT

TC 1 Updates

We have made the following updates to TC1. We have also put a clean backup on TC1. You may experience cliloc errors until the final client is released. Please send us your feedback or any bugs you may encounter.

2014 Sep 19 21:42 GMT

Old Friends, New Enemies

Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Sep 19 19:27 -0400 GMT
Author EM Drosselmeyer

The King frowned from his seat, staring at the chess table as Sir Dupre spoke to him. He idly moved a single piece back and forth. The table was clearly set mid match, and he always moved the piece between the same two spots...a legal move, but with no opponent to make the next one.


2014 Sep 19 19:27 GMT